Scots living elsewhere in the United Kingdom should be allowed to vote in a second independence referendum. This is the argument which Cabinet Ministers are now making, according to a recent article in The Times.

Why shouldn’t they, many would ask? If Scotland becomes independent one assumes that Scottish ex-pats will be free to vote in Scottish parliamentary elections — just as French people residing in England can vote in French elections. …

An often-overlooked contribution to Tony Blair’s electoral success was his understanding of the ‘Estuary English’ vernacular and identity. Linguists tell us that this form of speech originated on either side of the Thames Estuary during the 1980s. Since then, elements of its accent and vocabulary have spread to other parts of the South East and beyond, with Estuary English carrying a range of connotations beyond the geographical. For this reason, the Thames Estuary provides an interesting example of the relationship between a region’s cultural history and its voting patterns.

Blair was not the first politician to connect with the people…

Is Cardiff the least Welsh town in Wales?

A recent poll for The Sunday Times reported that 31 per cent of Welsh voters want independence — compared to 50 per cent of Scottish voters and 51 per cent of Northern Irish voters. This could be seen to demonstrate that Wales is more integrated with England than the other two nations in the UK — an interesting premise to test.

It also raises the fascinating hypothetical of where the Welsh border might be drawn — if the two nations were ever separated on the basis of genuine differences in identity and…

Richard Webber

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